New Zealand has so much to offer for those who want to visit here as well as its residents. It is a country that is full of beauty and is thriving in so many ways. Part of what makes up its beauty and intrigue is it’s large selection of bird species.

Throughout the posts here the focus is on providing a variety of information about the birds of New Zealand. Visitors to the posts will discover interesting data about the different types of birds that can be found here. It certainly is not impossible to cover them all so only a few have been chosen to just create some interest to explore this topic further.

With the bird population being so important in NZ, there are topics covered here as to what is being done to protect them and what visitors and residents alike can do to contribute to their protection.

Enjoying the bird segment of nature that NZ has to offer is important for anyone that is going to be here, but it’s also important to balance life with different forms of entertainment. To focus on this topic there is a post that gives some suggestions for doing this.

This site has been designed to encourage visitors to NZ to enjoy the birds that can be found in the country and to recognize their importance and increase their appreciation of them. You will also find some interesting tid bits about some of the birds that are native to NZ and what makes them truly unique.