Interesting Facts About New Zealand Birds

new-zealand-birds-1010055_960_720Every country has its own unique collection of birds, all of which have their own characteristics. New Zealand also has birds that fit into this category and some really do have some unusual habits and personalities.

The Fastest Flying Bird in New Zealand

There are lots of birds that are recognized for their speed and the Karearea which is native to New Zealand is one of them. This falcon is an absolute pleasure to watch when in flight. It has an amazing ability to take corners without losing its momentum. It has been indicated that it can reach speeds of you to 230 km. per hour.

Double the Chirp Pleasure

Everyone enjoys the chirping of a bird and most often this is the easiest way to identify them. When it comes to the Tui though you may be deceived. This particular bird of NZ has two voice boxes so it able to produce two entirely different sounds.

How Rare is that Duck?

There are many duck species throughout the world, but NZ can boast that they are home to one of the most rarest ducks in the world. This is the Cambell Island Teal. They were thought to be extinct but were re-discovered in 1974, where they are now being encouraged to reproduce and are protected.

A Bird with Nostrils?

Yes, it is true. There is a bird that resides in New Zealand that does have nostrils and its the Kiwi. They are well recognized for their usually long bill but they use these nostrils to help locate their next meal. This is also the national bird for NZ, so it is only fitting that it would have something unique and impressive about it.

If one takes a close look at the many different birds to be found in New Zealand they will surely discover something most interesting and unique concerning each of them.

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