Protecting and Preserving the Native Birds of NZ

download (1)New Zealand is home to many different species of birds that are absolutely beautiful. Along with the enjoyment of being able to have these birds in one’s environment comes the responsibility of being able to protect and preserve them. As New Zealand becomes more populated it increasingly creates this need as the birds face more challenges for their preservation

There are many different aspects that put these native birds not only into danger but becoming extinct. These consist of dangers such as…

  • The environment
  • Human danger
  • Predators

The Environment

As the country grows in population it means more residential buildings as well as commercial buildings being constructed with many of them being high rises. These buildings invade the spaces that these birds depend on.

What poses the most danger is the windows where the birds have ended up colliding with, creating many death as well as injuries. Unfortunately, these type of accidents can occur in any season and at any time of the day no matter what direction the window may be facing.

Some of the bird species found in New Zealand are more prone to these type of accidents compared to some of the others which do not frequent the heavily populated areas.

Human Danger

The human danger that is imposed upon these birds comes as a result of hunting as well as pet owners letting their domestic animals run freely so that they can hunt these birds. Then on top of this is destroying the natural habitat such as the beach dunes where the shorebirds make their nests.


Throughout New Zealand the birds are faced with many different types of predators some of which are easier to control than others. Those that certainly can be controlled that pose a danger to the birds are the domestic dogs and cats.

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