What are Bird Sanctuaries

As one can guess with New Zealand having so many species of birds that it places a great responsibility on the country to preserve them. One of the effective ways of being able to do this is through bird sanctuaries.

1024px-NZ_Falcon_-_Karearea_09bBird sanctuaries are areas that have been designated for the preservation and protection of different bird species. There are various roles that these sanctuaries will take on. The priority is to provide a safe haven for the birds in a closely monitored area where the birds are at less risk. These types of sanctuaries are growing in importance because several birds throughout NZ are becoming endangered species.

Bird sanctuaries also take on the role of adopting birds that may have become injured and can no longer be set free in their natural habitats as they can protect themselves adequately. It is not uncommon for people to purchase birds as pets then find that they can no longer look after them, or no longer want them. There is no way that these birds can be set free in the wild as they have become too domesticated and no longer have the natural skills to fend for themselves. Bird sanctuaries will often provide a home and continue care for these now unwanted birds.

Many bird sanctuaries are non profit and rely heavily on donations to provide them with the funds they need to keep their sanctuary in operation. They may also require volunteers to help with the daily chore and care for the growing number of birds that come under their care.

There is no doubt that bird sanctuaries play a critical role in helping to preserve different bird species that can no longer function in the natural environments. It is not an operation that can be set up easily as there are a lot of responsibilities that come with it. One of the obligations is being well educated and knowledgeable in the proper care of birds.

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