What Are Common Injuries the Native Birds of NZ Face?

birds_6c159652-62c8-11e6-b372-5e31f535a023The native birds of New Zealand are pretty good at being able to fend for themselves and protect themselves with the instincts that nature has provided them with. That doesn’t exclude them from all injuries both as a result of nature as well as additional causes.

Predator Injuries

Predators will stalk the habitats of the birds of NZ and while these birds make every effort to protect themselves they are not always successful. More often than not, they will come to their death once a predator has gotten hold of them. On some occasions when predators are frightened away they will leave a bird injured. In many cases it is bite wounds that are so severe that the bird is to weak or incapable of flying. This leaves them prone to the next predator that comes along.

Natural Injuries

One common injury that some of these birds will face are as a result of flying into a window. The injuries can vary from minor to those that result in death. A minor injury may be where the bird has merely been stunned from the impact. In this case the bird may be disorientated and unable to fly for a short period of time. The risk here is that the bird is not able to escape ground predators such as cats or dogs.

The injury may also result in a concussion and if the bird is not able to hide long enough to outlast this injury then again it is at the mercy of predators.

Another common injury from this type of accident is damage done to the beak. In this case they may not be able to eat or drink, where they will ultimately starve to death. Then there is the common injury of broken wings.

Some of these injuries can be successfully treated if attended to properly and quickly by animal health care professionals.

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