What Birds Inhabit New Zealand

newzealand-02With there being so many different types of species of birds throughout New Zealand they each have something beautiful to offer. There are some that are well known for their spectacular colors. While others are known for their beautiful and melodious chirping. Each group of birds have adopted their own favorite habitats. This is not only beneficial for them but also for the bird lovers who want to seek out NZ bird species according to their living habits.

Birds of The NZ Mountains and Forests

Visiting the bush lands of NZ is almost like visiting a symphony of bird music. There is a large selection of birds that prefer the mountains and forests. A good example of these are…

Enjoying the Sea and Shore Birds of New Zealand

For those that enjoy the sights and sounds of the NZ shorelines, an extra bonus is being able to enjoy the birds that also enjoy this atmosphere. Among them it includes…

  • Albatrosses
  • Chatham Petrel
  • Miranda’s Migratory Birds
  • Penguins
  • Westland Petrel

Checking out the NZ Wetland and River Birds

For those that enjoy what nature really has to offer then it means visiting the NZ wetlands and rivers. While there visitors will often catch a glimpse of the birds that reside here, such as…

  • Black Billed Gull
  • Australasian Bittern
  • Paradise Duck

Subantartic Teal

  • Brown Teal

The New Zealand birds mentioned here are just a few of the vast number of species that make New Zealand their home.

It is important when visiting any of these habitats that the birds have singled out to be their home that they remain as undisturbed as possible. Approaching areas quietly will certainly give the bird loves a grand opportunity to take in the beauty of the many different species that are in that specific locale that is being visited.

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