What Can You Do To Protect the NZ Birds?

No matter what country a person lives in or visits they have a responsibility to protect the environment and the natural habitat that lives within it. For those living and visiting New Zealand the same obligations apply.

1058940-birds-1457038532-527-640x480The government has a high level of obligation by imposing rules and regulations to protect the environment which is the home for the birds of this land. It is up to the people to make sure that these rules are learned and followed, and also to take personal and individual steps to further this protection.

Some of the birds of NZ have become an endangered species such as the North Island Brown Kiwi. If the responsibilities of protection are not met there will be many more added to the list.

Stop Pollution

One of the inherent dangers to NZ birds is through pollution both of the bodies of water and land. It is critically important that pollution of these areas be restricted. This involves the natural habitats for the birds. Polluted water for the water birds creates a clear and present danger.

Not Holding Native Birds in Captivity

Catching the natural birds of NZ merely to hold as a prized possession serves no good purpose for these birds. These beautiful creatures need their freedom to thrive and populate. They are far more enjoyed in their natural setting rather than in captivity which is foreign to their natural way of living.

Support the Protectors

There are some great organizations that do very important work in the preservation and protection of the bird species in NZ. Supporting them both financially and through volunteering helps them to meet their mandates.

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Being Responsible for Domestic Predators

A simple step of ensuring that domestic pets like dogs and cats are keep from infringing on the natural habitat of the birds is a responsible measure.

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